How Great Thou Art

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Lanee' is an admirable vocalist and lyricist, that is cognizant that nothing can come into fruition without the aid of the Holy Spirit. She is vibrant, humble and a determined woman of business. Lanee' salutes her brothers and sisters with an exceptional spirit of love and concern. She presents the Word of God intermingled with music to the masses, as the most innovative, thought provoking ministry that ever was! Lanee's wellspring of talent stems from her Huntsville, Alabama roots in Gospel Music. As an adolescent, she sang in the church youth choir while also participating in the school choral, jazz and orchestral band. After relocating to San Diego, California in the mid-80's, Lanee demonstrated her talent in several local bands, which she became very successful. She was a requested favorite in many local San Diego venues. She has contributed to numerous concerts, festivals, outreaches and vocal studio work for local and national artists, as well as recorded commercial jingles.
Released 2017
Ellebj & Company